Creative Solutions For Today's Business Challenges
Creative SolutionsFor Today's Business Challenges

Today’s business environment, technology and expectations are changing faster than ever.  However, some things never change, like what it takes to be successful.  Successful organizations have several critical characteristics in common.


  • The ability to respond rapidly to changes in the marketplace
  • The ability to develop innovative products and/or services that seem to be “just right”, the type that often provoke people to say “It’s about time someone did this”, or “why didn’t we think of that?”
  • They provide products and/or services that result in a high level of customer satisfaction and profits
  • And, despite the rapidly changing marketplace, they know where they are going and how to get there



Does this describe your organization or the organization you wish to create?

IMS will be your valued partner in creating and sustaining a nimble, customer focused, and driven organization.


Our goal is to enable you to instill a sustainable operating discipline, consistently generating . . .

  • Increased efficiency
  • Accelerated top line growth
  • Improved bottom line profits


Our approach is summarized in 3 basic, but transformational, steps


  • Focus everyone on a few key strategically aligned business measures of financial performance and customer needs


  • Map and measure processes at every level to link the organization and highlight performance gaps


  • Apply proven methodologies to systematically drive out defects, variation, and waste and to develop new processes to meet customer needs.  . . Moving the key business measures


The recommended implementation sequence is to quickly align the organization then simultaneously launch targeted projects in strategic areas while also establishing standards and controls in other critical operations. This enables rapid results where urgently needed while also forming a foundation on which to build the organization’s capabilities for ongoing strategic improvement and transformation to the vision.

Utilizing three decades of experience with best practices across numerous industries, IMS will work with you to develop a customized plan based on your needs.  IMS will provide proven methods and consulting to support all stages of deployment.


Our approach quickly engages all levels of the organization. IMS will provide proven methods and consulting support at all levels of the organization.  We will quickly create an actionable plan with clear roles and responsibilities to mobilize the enterprise.

Our clients quickly get results while building Capability and cross-functional Collaboration.

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