Creative Solutions For Today's Business Challenges
Creative SolutionsFor Today's Business Challenges

IMS is a consulting firm specializing in helping organizations to increase quality and productivity by improving existing processes and designing new ones. With our experience in Lean Six Sigma (LSS) implementation we enable an organization to aggressively pursue its strategy.


We use our decades of experience in a variety of industries to take your organization beyond the typical “quality program” and six sigma jargon to establish a “Leadership System” based on Lean Six Sigma principles and methods to drive your business to excellence.


What is Lean?


Lean is an approach to reducing the time between the customer request and delivery by eliminating waste and constraints to process flow.



  • Uses customer perspective to distinguish where value is created in the process
  • Reduces activities that do not add value
  • Pursues continuous, incremental improvements
  • Is a Discipline and Attitude

The fundamental benefit of lean - Driving out WASTE reduces cycle time and costs. Companies implementing Lean techniques use less of everything compared to traditional thinking companies.  They use half the:

  • Space
  • Tools
  • Inventory
  • Human effort

What is Six Sigma?


Six Sigma:

  • Uses customer perspective to determine the business’ capability to meet requirements
  • Reduces defects and variability within processes
  • Is an improvement infrastructure
  • Pursues continuous improvement and innovation
  • A set of proven methods and tools
  • Is a Discipline And Attitude



Process sigma is a measure of variability of process performance. The higher the process sigma, the more of the process outputs, products and services, meet customers’ requirements – or, the fewer the defects.  A process performing at a Six Sigma level is one that produces no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

Why Combine Lean and Six Sigma?


Most organizations need to be:

  • Virtually defect free
  • Efficient
  • Nimble in response to customer and the market

Lean drives out waste, streamlines and simplifies processes


Six Sigma drives less variability and fewer defects


The combination of Lean and Six Sigma will drive – Quality, Cost, and Speed. 

IMS has over 30 years of experience specializing in strategic improvement, with clients from a variety of industries including finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, automotive, healthcare, and textiles. IMS works at all levels of the client organization, from coaching senior management to leading process/product development teams, to developing training materials. 


Combining services in design, improvement and process management with effective prioritization, IMS can help you get results quickly, while enabling you to create the long-term future your vision and strategy describes.

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