Creative Solutions For Today's Business Challenges
Creative SolutionsFor Today's Business Challenges

Ken Maynard - President IMS

Innovative Management Systems's employees are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of your business.





Deployment of:

-Lean, Six Sigma           -Reengineering

-Culture Change



Certified Master Black Belt in Lean and Six Sigma


Executive Leadership



Innovative Problem Solver



Mentor and Coach



Communicator and Educator



System Designer



Advanced Statistical Analysis



Organization Assessment



Team Leadership



Results Driven


Summary of Qualifications


Successful at Leading Organizational Transformation, having implemented Lean and Six Sigma with executives and senior leaders at GE Capital, Dow Chemical, Caterpillar, The Coca Cola Company, Nortel, Novant Health, TPG, Caesars Entertainment, GM and others.  Worked hands on with executives and managers to continually improve the business. Mentored leaders to be successful change agents. Recognized for the ability to accelerate the rate of improvement and establish industry best practices for driving results.


Results Oriented Problem Solver, expert in producing system-wide results, as measured by financial indicators and drivers of customer satisfaction.  Worked with executive leaders to establish the key measures of success. Deployed Lean and Six Sigma strategies to drive these measures.  Worked with all levels of the organization to use Lean strategies to create flow, reduce waste and improve timeliness of delivery.  Used Six Sigma strategies to solve problems, reduce defects and design new products/services. Ultimately, reduced costs, increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction.


Expertise in Various Industries, successfully implemented Lean and/or Six Sigma in Service, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Supply Chain, Marketing and R&D organizations. Expert in working across business units, both domestically and internationally, to drive transformation. Worked with over 30 Fortune 500 companies with a proven ability to adapt the approach to the nature and needs of the business.  This cross industry experience has led to identifying and utilizing best practices for driving Operations Excellence.


Experienced in Delivering Financial Impact, once we have identified the path of change, my over 25 years of experience leading and implementing change processes helps organizations realize the financial impact that typically falls by the wayside. Led over 20 large complex projects with benefits ranging from $1M to $10M per project, conservatively. Project types include reengineering, process improvement and kaizen events.  These projects resulted in significant financial impact as well as served as the model for future projects within the business. Over the years, coached over 200 projects with benefits averaging $200K per project.




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