Creative Solutions For Today's Business Challenges
Creative SolutionsFor Today's Business Challenges

Caesars Entertainment, Direct Marketing Operations Redesign 

Led a cross functional team to redesign the Direct Marketing Operations with the goal of reducing lead-time and errors by at least 50%. Pilot completed in 3rd quarter and full implementation in the 4th quarter of the calendar year.

  • Reduced lead time by nearly 60%, errors by more than 50%, and critical errors by more than 70%, helping to avoid more than $6MM in losses.
  • Implemented a new organization alignment and a collaboration model to facilitate turning marketing ideation into effective and timely relationship marketing.
  • Developed organization’s capabilities to sustain and improve performance.


TPG Capital, Firm Services 

Introduced Lean to an investment firm. Rapidly deployed Kaizens to reduce costs and improve timeliness of service.

  • Reduced staff level by 20% in 12 months without layoffs, exceeding the goal of 15%.
  • Consistently achieved 30%+ reduction in cycle time for each Kaizen.
  • Led improvement projects to redesign operations in the Deal Process, Treasury, Investor Communications, Accounts Payable and Financial Closing processes.
  • Established firm-wide and business unit metrics to align efforts and drive results.
  • Mentored key staff to develop Kaizen Leaders and Kaizen Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).


Novant Health, a System of Nine Hospitals 

Helped Recruit and develop staff for a special department of Operations Improvement Advisors, who were deployed throughout the organization to drive systemic improvement in quality and productivity.

  • Led pilot project to improve Laboratory Services. Reduced testing turnaround time by over 30%, reduced late tests by 60%.  Increased productivity by more that 15% and eliminated overtime.  Implemented a work cell structure to process tests, reduced distance specimen and staff travel. Implemented a pull system to smooth the process flow and reduced delays. Used 5S to reorganize the lab and save significant space.  Reduced inventory by implementing JIT and Kanban.
  • Led Pharmacy improvements projected to be $1.5M in annual cost savings by streamlining the logistics process within the system and reducing defects in medication administration process.
  • Worked with Emergency Department projects throughout the system to reduce wait times and increased patient satisfaction by removing bottlenecks, using Pull Systems and Kanban. Improved treatment room turnaround time (SMED), and balanced the workload.

Implemented Lean Within DaVita, a Leading Provider of Dialysis Treatment 

  • Reduced treatment station turnaround time (TAT) by over 40%, improved timeliness of treatment, reduced treatment space needed and reduced overtime hours for staff.
  • Implemented JIT inventory system and drastically reduced inventory levels, reduced wasted inventory and reduced space required.

Successfully Deployed Lean and Six Sigma within The Coca-Cola Company 

  • Averaged an 8 to 1 financial return on investment for the business year to year.
  • Recruited and mentored internal consultants to staff the global roll out.
  • Worked with executives and managers to adapt Lean and Six Sigma to the diverse global functions of Marketing, Shared Services, Research & Development, Information Technology, Quality Assurance, Logistics/Supply Chain and Bottling operations.
  • Worked with key customer to optimize the nationwide distribution network. Improved timeliness of distribution, reduced cost, reduced inventory and improved warehouse utilization.
  • Implemented Lean methods within bottler supply chain.  Reduced cost of ingredients, improved timeliness of delivery and reduced damaged or outdated products and ingredients.
  • Led redesign of Global Quality Assurance System.  Project resulted in $2.1M annual cost reduction, $4.6M annual cost avoidance and reduced cost per audit by 31%.  IQPC Award winning project.

Rapidly Deployed Lean and Six Sigma at Caterpillar Worldwide 

  • Member of initial consulting team that designed the deployment, helped select and mentor internal resources until Caterpillar was self-sustaining.  Realized financial results the 1st year in excess of $40M, more than twice amount invested in deployment.
  • Implemented Lean and Six Sigma for Caterpillar dealers and suppliers worldwide.  Worked with numerous dealers to implement Kaizen events to reduce waste and improve throughput.  Implemented SMED to reduce service bay turnaround times and implemented JIT to improve stocking both at the dealer and in service vehicles.

Nortel Networks, Deployed Lean and Six Sigma During Turn-around Effort

  • Deployed resources enterprise wide to achieve business targets.
  • Mentored redesign of QA organization to meet the needs of the new enterprise.
  • Successfully deployed Lean and Six Sigma globally using e-learning and video conferencing. 
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